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After getting trained by NBA Skills Development Trainers and working with some of America's top high school and college players, CEO and Head Trainer Brandon Osborne realized that the skills training top players access on a daily basis can work for every player. Genesis Athletics was founded as a place for all players to get the exact skills needed to improve. With 8 different programs, players of all levels get what they need to improve. Developing players on the court wasn't Brandon's only mission. Through his own life journey, he realized that there's more to life than just hoops. There's a higher calling for each of us, our relationship with Christ. So, it became a mission of Genesis Athletics to assist players to be better Christian leaders. That is what G.A. is all about. God first and the rest, with hard work, will follow. That's the G.A. way.


Genesis Athletics is the premier place for basketball players to improve their game. We have multiple programs to serve our players and bring out the maximum of your game.

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We believe and understand very few athletes will have the opportunity to play past 18 years old, but basketball can teach you many leadership and faith lessons. We are very deliberate in helping players put those pieces together. We emphasize Faith, Family, Life-Long Leader Learning, and Basketball!

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