College Live Period-Questions that Coaches Ask Themselves

Players and Parents of Players: In the month of April and July its what is called "live period"  which means coaches from various schools can talk with you concerning playing a sport at their particular university. Many coaching staffs across the country, will have a representative from their schools at various tournaments across the country.…
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Lose or Learn???

In high school basketball it is PLAYOFF time! Many teams have been defeated and felt the feelings of "only if", "what if", and "I wish". There feeling do nothing for you or your team when its comes to the off-season, in all experiences you must learn! Your statement in any lose or perceived lose is,…
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Back to the Basic Camp

From Monday to Wednesday this week we had our Beginner basketball Camp!  This camp was for players from ages 6-10 to learn and develop skills about basketball, success, and relationship with others!  This camp emphasizes fun, footwork, ball-handling, goal setting, success, and much more!  The players worked hard, had fun, and developed new friendships!  YOU…
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