Improve Your Team Synergy With Team Clinics

After doing research on hundreds of coaches, we have narrowed in on what most teams need to improve.  Most teams need help in being more efficient, smart and aggressive.  Our clinics are design to improve your team in all 3 of these areas.


We focus on your team’s weaknesses and work to improve the areas that opponents will expose in game situations.


Each team clinic is customized to your specific program.  They included one-on-one sessions with Pro-Trainer Brandon Osborne who takes the time to assess your teams’ needs and build a clinic to address them.  Our clinics have produced results from some of the top programs in the State of Texas and received 100% positive ratings from coaches.  Clinics include but aren’t limited too:

  • Team BuildingDSC_0840
  • Leadership Development on and off the court
  • Efficient one-on-one moves
  • Triple-Threat Problem & Solution Reads
  • Ball Screen Reads & Adjustments (if applicable)
  • Finishing Around the Rim
  • Moving Without the Ball
  • Defensive Strategies & Techniques


Check out what other coaches have to say about our clinics and training methods.


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