Jared Merrill – Mercer Uni.

Coach Osborne pushed me through my mental and physical barriers. I have worked with many professional trainers but it was a deeper connection with Coach Osborne, he puts in everything he has all his knowledge all his passion and effort is put out on the court. I love the game of basketball, I study the game and love to work on my game day in and day out and knowing that he has the same attitude towards this game was amazing. This isnt just his job but his love, most importantly he never cheated me out of hard work. Every workout was different drills and never the same. Each workout was very organized ahead of time and put together with drills that helped my weaknesses but also my strengths. In my 19yrs of playing the game of basketball he still taught me new things about the game, I was still a student of the game when working with Coach O. He showed me so much more than just what outsiders see to the game of basketball.

-Jared Merrill (Former Pro Player/Assistant Coach Mercer University