Master the Boring!

Attention to all players!

Players you must hear this and hear this well.

Basketball is a simple game made tough by players.   Let me say that again, IT IS MADE TOUGH BY PLAYERS.

This game has a tons of simple actions and reactions, but sometimes that means doing something that is not glamorous, but is is effective.

Here are some of the boring factors of the game, that helps teams be more effective:

The longer you hold the ball, the worse it is on your team, unless your the defense.

Get the easiest shot by passing quickly the next open man.

Keep your chest in front of the offensive players dominate foot.

If he can shoot guard tight, if he can’t shoot sag off.

If she can’t go left, force her left, and vice verse.

Be ready to shoot means also your ready to drive.

Basketball season is here, if you want to look good master the boring!

Doesn’t matter if you are in West Texas, Argentina, Houston, Dallas, California, or Korea, the game is beautiful when you Master the Boring!

Keep it Boring Hoopers!

Brandon Coach O Osborne

Genesis Athletics

Pro Basketball Skill Coach



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