Professional Basketball Player Training


Are you a player looking for training in the off-season?  Trying to make the transition from college to the NBA, D-League, or Overseas?


Genesis Athletics develops NBA and International players of all levels year-round to expand and develop their games and to prepare for summer league, training camp, and for their upcoming seasons. Our staff focuses on the individual player, creating a customized program to maximize development and improve each player’s game.


A tremendous benefit to training at Genesis Athletics is that athletes have access to everything a high level athlete needs a very close proximity!


Genesis Athletics PRO Basketball Training Details/Benefits:

  • Programs are available year-round to all NBA and International players
  • Genesis Athletics (Abilene, TX)  is the ideal environment for professional players to maximize their development in the offseason without distractions
  • Two on-court, position-specific skill workouts per day
  • Every player receives a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses, as well as a progressive plan for continued development throughout the athlete’s basketball season.
  • Position-specific strength and speed training to increase strength, power, linear speed, multi-directional agility, and functional movement on the court.
  • Nutritional education, planning, and monitoring
  • Mental conditioning to improve performance sustainability, confidence, focus, and attitude
  • Vision training to improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time


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