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Personal Basketball Training

Personal basketball training specializes in fundamental individual skill development and is customized for all skill levels and positions. At GA we have our own unique way to teaching and developing our athletes. We develop players that get it done on and off the court. Our athletes not only improve in basketball, but also in life skills and character traits.

Skill Development Training Groups

Whether team or group, we help develop the skills needed to successful in any type of offense or defense. We know coaches only have so much time to develop their teams, and most of that time s taken up improving offensive and defensive sets. At GA we assists coaches with developing each individual players skill level, so they can excel in any type of schemes.

Basketball Training Camps

This is not your ordinary t-shirt and ball basketball camp. Our camps that we run help to maximize a player potential according to what is developmentally appropriate. We help young players learn the a good basketball foundation, so when they really begin to develop, the will have a solid foundation to build upon.

Follow-Through Motivational Camp

A program designed to teach young people that you must “follow through” and stay the course of the Christian path, in order to score consistently in life.  The camp was developed by Brandon who has fought through his own personal adversity as a teenager and young adult to become the first college graduate of his family, own a successful business, but most importantly become a CHRISTIAN.   We teach not only innovative basketball skills , drills, and concepts but also success principles for the Christian walk and everyday life.

Private Training

Not where you want to be physically? One on One training is the way to go. At GA we can set up a customized workout to fit your individual needs. In a matter of months, you will have met your goals and then some.

Group Fitness Training

In our group training we incorporate many types training that we getting you sweating and losing pounds and inches. Whether your needs are to weight loss, body toning, cardio, or just maintain your current status, we will get you there.

Sport Performance Training

  • Need to get ready for the upcoming season?
  • Want to be a better shape than last year?
  • Trying to get a scholarship?
  • Want to make the team?
  • Whatever the need at GA, we can meet it!!